Working with our customers

We have worked with customers around the world to help them reap the rewards of a Cashmaster count.  Our highly experienced team works closely with our customers to make the integration of the Cashmaster device as seamless as possible, from a simple 'out the box' solution to a complex bespoke solution that integrates with the customer's own back-office systems. 

Tesco Case Study: Exceeding Expectations

Tesco is the UK's leading supermarket chain, with over three thousand stores in prominent UK locations, as well as stores in twelve countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by profits and the second-largest, measured by revenues.

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Aldi Case Study: Exponential Growth

Aldi was founded in 1946 when Brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over their mother’s food store in Essen, Germany. The Aldi chain has grown from one modest food shop to over 7,000 discount supermarkets worldwide. Aldi are renowned for their simplified approach to shopping, offering great quality products at low prices. Cashmaster International facilitates growth by removing obstacles.

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Wendy's Case Study: Fast turnaround, uninterrupted service

Wendy's International is the world’s third largest hamburger restaurant chain. At a Quick Service Restaurant, efficiency is key but cash handling, while critical, eats into time. Wendy’s asked Cashmaster to offer solutions to reduce the time that management and cashiers spend handling cash at their restaurants. Cashmaster set up an equipment testing pilot in company...

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Subway Case Study: A Perfect Natural Fit

Subway is the fastest growing franchise company in the world. It has been operating since 1965 and now has 25,000 restaurants in 83 countries across the world. The majority of their takings are in cash. Cashmaster not only designs and produces high-precision machines that count cash by weight but we also distribute globally. We knew that we could assist this successful franchise to significantly...

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Poundland Case Study: The Simple Solution

Poundland started trading in 1990 and was an immediate success. Their unique concept of offering all products for the same price of £1 represented excellent value for money, which generated high sales, with 80% of the takings in cash. However, as rapidly as the business expanded, so their high cash turnover at point of sale increasingly threatened to impede the operational...

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