Sigma 100

The Sigma 100 was created as an entry level cash counting machine for sole traders and small chains and quickly became a very popular solution. The Sigma 100 was an affordable solution for small businesses who required the time and money saving benefits of the more advanced machines in the Cashmaster range without paying for extra features they didn’t require.

The Sigma 100 has since been replaced with the Sigma 105 but many are still being used today. Below you can download the quick start guide, view a training video or see our FAQs.

Sigma 100

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How do I clear sub totals?

Select the desired denomination and hold down C/+ key until the value returns to zero.

How do I clear grand totals?

Hold down the C/+ key until the total is displayed. Press the C/+ key twice again to confirm and clear.

How do I switch currencies?

Press the both arrow keys simultaneously to scroll through multicurrency options, stopping at the desired currency.

How do I access/leave grams mode?

Press simultaneously the money key and the arrow down key.

How do I update the firmware?

  1. Ensure that the machine is turned off
  2. Remove the battery pack and insert the SD card
  3. Connect the machine to the power adapter, the machine will automatically turn on
  4. Press and hold down the on/off key for approximately 10 seconds
  5. The serial number will be displayed
  6. Press the arrow keys simultaneously and the update will commence – please allow up to 2 minutes
  7. Remove the SD card
  8. Remove the power adapter
  9. Replace the battery and cover

SUSPECT BAG / ROLL message displayed

Bag or roll applied has a suspect weight – select the correct denomination by using the arrow keys.

PRESS ZERO KEY message displayed

The scale is not zeroed. Push the on/off key once to return the scale to zero.

What is the maximum weight the machine can weigh?

Approximately 1000grams.

Printer does not work

  1. Ensure printer is connected to machine
  2. Ensure printer has power
  3. Ensure printer is loaded with paper