Count a till drawer accurately in 1 minute

6 times faster than a cashier on average, our cash counters are fast, accurate and enable you to set bank floats, do till skims, till counts and then push this data straight into your POS or back-end office system.  

This is the latest technology, developed in the United Kingdom and now available in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which allows you to automate counting your tills rather than relying on staff to manually add up the money they hold each day.

These machines use 'count-by-weight' technology, which means you set money on the scale in a container and the screen shows you how much it is worth. This saves you time and is very accurate. 

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Count by weight versus Friction Note Counters

Count by weight

Mechanical/Friction Note

Counts notes and coins Counts notes only
Fast and accurate - even damaged notes Can miscount poor quality notes
Battery operated and portable Mains only - can have a large footprint
Silent operation - count at till Noisy operation - creates dust
No moving parts Moving parts subject to wear and tear
Little or no service issues Requires high maintenance
Integrated printer options Sensors require regular cleaning

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Cashmaster One Pro

Ideal for smaller businesses or sole traders

This machine counts cash quickly and accurately – whether loose or bundled.  You can set a float, count up to 2 different currencies and 2 languages and integrate a printer.

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Cashmaster One Plus

Ideal for franchises or medium sized businesses

With customisable count modes, it manages till float settings, up to 4 currencies and languages plus it has voucher and coupon modes.  Also accepts integrated printer.

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Cashmaster One Max

Ideal for larger organisations with complex needs.

The One Max's highly customizable features are capable of meeting the most demanding processes and complex operational requirements in a business today.

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Fast and Portable

These cash counters are quick - 6 x faster than manual counting, and because we customise our software to your business needs, these machines are easy to use and their size and weight make them very portable. 

Highly accurate

Standardize your cash count procedures and eliminate human error. Our products count coins, notes, and vouchers, and instantly reconcile takings, allowing you to audit each cashier and till point.


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Return your Investment

Between time saved, the reduction in shrink, increased efficiency, and improved reconciliation practices - 95% of our customers report a return on their investment in a Cashmaster device within three months!

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