Bath Rugby Club Case Study

Lee Graham, Events and Catering Manager at BRC explained what benefits count-by-weight scales have brought to the club and how they’ve helped to improve their cash-management processes.

'On a day to day basis, the time saving versus counting by hand is fantastic and it's incredibly accurate. The colour touch-screen user interface is so easy to use, and takes no time for new staff users to pick up how to operate the counter."

'It's also extremely light and compact, making it easy to use where space is at a premium.'

The club, which was founded in 1865 is one of the oldest in existence, takes approximately 80% of its takings in cash. Since using the count-by-weight cash counters, the club have managed to save approximately 24 staff hours per game and reduce the number of staff involved in counting cash by a third.

bath rugby club celebrating in a match