Tesco is the UK's leading supermarket chain, with over three thousand stores in prominent UK locations, as well as stores in twelve countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by profits and the second-largest, measured by revenues. Their stores aim to provide a modern retail environment in convenient locations with friendly and efficient service.

Cashmaster International’s proud partnership with Tesco was founded over twenty years ago, following the success of small-scale trials at some of the company's largest stores. The trials surprised Tesco, demonstrating:

  • Substantial time saving in coin and notes counting
  • Ability to count vouchers, coupons, cheques, tokens and even foreign coins
  • 100% accuracy

Unsurprisingly, Tesco were very encouraged by the trial results, which allowed complete confidence in the store manager's daily banking submissions

Surpassing client specifications

Cashmaster designed a bespoke cash-counting machine for Tesco, which actually exceeded the company's counting and reconciliation specifications. The machine boasted the ability to count both loose and packaged cash, memory to hold multiple till numbers and operator IDs and the option of connectivity to the company's back office system. Cashmaster also developed machine firmware with enhanced till cup intelligence, which allowed different till cups (with different weights) to be used in the same stores. This feature was essential to accommodate different till cup designs in Tesco’s various kiosks.

Tesco 4.jpg

The roll out

The machines were dispatched to Tesco stores throughout the UK and, to date, Cashmaster has supplied over 6,000 machines. Tesco stores make use of the Cashmaster machines on average six times a day, to set the floats at the start of the day, to calculate multiple pickups, to count total takings and to prepare bank deposits in the back office.

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The Outcome

"We use Cashmaster machines to great effect. They are now an integral business tool which has allowed us to improve the efficiency of our cash handling policy" Richard HolbournsTesco Corporate Purchasing
"Cashmaster machines are reliable, fast and easy to use. With the till cups, there is no need to use the scoop. We count throughout the day at till point and also at the end of the day. Overall, it saves us time and we are very happy"Tesco Store ManagerScotland