Cashmaster pilot creates a customised solution for Wendys

Wendy's International is the world’s third largest hamburger restaurant chain. As a Quick Service Restaurant, efficiency is key but cash handling, while critical, eats into time. Wendy’s asked Cashmaster to create solutions for them to reduce the time that management and cashiers spend handling cash at their restaurants.

Cashmaster set up an equipment testing pilot in 5 of the company's restaurants.  This gave us the data to personalise a cash handling solution that could be scaled as necessary for the company.

Wendy's specific requirement

  • Provide cash scale equipment robust and reliable enough for a QSR environment.
  • Ability to interface with POS systems for future technology expansion.
  • A proven and measured reduction in time spent handling cash.
  • Seamless national roll-out, integrating with training systems and customer support.
  • ROI of twelve months or less.
Wendy's 1.jpg

The unexpected benefits: time saving and loss prevention

The initial aim of the project was to reduce management time counting cash. Cashmaster equipment was indeed successful in:

  • Saving of approximately an hour per day on this function
  • Reducing the time cashiers need to count, register and bank their tills.
  • Shrinking loss from scams by customers claiming to be short-changed by operators. Cashmaster equipment allows a manager to accurately count down a register in under a minute and resolve any disputes swiftly.
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Wendy's worked with our Cashmaster Distributor and stated:

"The training and functionality of the scales are simple and efficient. Once trained on the use of scales, managers were reluctant to revert back to any type of manual system".

All Wendy's corporate stores and the majority of franchisee stores now have Cashmaster Sigma 170 and Omega 230 cash counting machines, which have become part of the standard equipment package.