New alliances see Cashmaster widen its cash-management solutions offer to retailers.

Two new, exciting alliances have been announced by global cash-management solutions provider, Cashmaster. Both initiatives will feature on the company's booth #961 at NRF 2018, January 14 - 16 in New York. 

A collaboration with a leading specialist  in security products, services and solutions sees the introduction of two new Cashmaster Smart Safe products which target the retail sector. 

A second alliance with Balance Innovations gives Cashmaster customers access to a market-leading, innovative enterprise software platform that provides real-time visibility of cash-handling and back-office data.

New – Cashmaster Smart Safes offering

Cashmaster has established an alliance with one of the leading security technology companies in the world, to offer two new Smart Safe cash-desposit options as part of its growing portfolio of cash-management solutions. 

Fear of robbery at work is a very common feeling for staff members in retail environments. Keeping cash locked away and out of sight greatly reduces the temptation for robbery and offers staff greater peace of mind.

The Cashmaster Secure S1 is a secure and intelligent front-line cash-handling solution. Notes are deposited at the point-of-sale, ensuring note validation and instant note value data. With the Cashmaster Secure range, customers will enjoy the power of real-time visibility of takings and improved cash flow.

The Cashmaster Secure S5 is robust and perfectly designed for small retail outlets. Adapted to under-counter installation, it provides an ergonomic front-line, cash-handling solution to manage bank note depositing and processing efficiently and securely. Notes are automatically registered, counted and deposited, minimizing the risks of robbery, burglary and internal theft. The Cashmaster Secure S5 captures note validation and note value data in real time at the point of sale. Cash deposits are untouched until they reach cash processors ensuring 100% of customers’ cash finds its way to the designated bank account.

When combined with CashControl, a powerful web-based cash monitoring software platform, customers can rapidly accelerate their return on investment.

Cashmaster will be demonstrating the Cashmaster Secure S1 and the S5 at NRF 2018 together with the web-based cash monitoring software.


New – Retail enterprise software platform integration - VeriBalance

Building on the growing need for businesses to track cash in real time, Cashmaster and Balance Innovations have created a powerful integration between Balance Innovations’ retail enterprise software platform, VeriBalance and Cashmaster’s count-by-weight cash-counting technology. Using the cash-count data from the Cashmaster scale, VeriBalance tracks discrepancies and provides real time visibility of store activity and cash status at all levels of the retailer’s organization.

Cashmaster and Balance Innovations will provide a cash-management solution that gives restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers real-time reporting tools, helping them to reduce cash-handling costs, improve store productivity and reduce cash losses, often by as much as 90%. When integrated, VeriBalance and Cashmaster solutions help improve store performance by providing a comprehensive, store-by-store insight into back-office reporting and reconciliation activities – all in real time.

Amanda Treend, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing at Cashmaster, commented:

Cashmaster’s focus is on bringing joined up cash-management solutions to our customers and where it makes sense, we are delighted to collaborate with global leaders in their field to do this. We are confident these initiatives will give Cashmaster customers some valuable new ways to drive efficiencies, reduce shrink and make a significant impact on trading performance.

Whether your business is large or small, the availability of pertinent, ‘real-time’ management information is becoming a key deliverable in the physical cash-management sector. It’s also increasingly recognised that smart safes are proving to be an important addition to the myriad of cash-handling and security products available to retailers today. At Cashmaster, we recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to managing your cash. Working closely with our alliance partners, we’re delighted to be able to make these new options available to our customers in the USA and in time elsewhere’’.