Panera Bread makes huge investment in Cashmaster products

Cashmaster International and Panera Bread have agreed a major business deal that will see more than 800 Cashmaster Sigma 170 count-by-weight 'cash counting' machines and Zeta Zero printers distributed across the bakery-café business outlets in the USA.

Cashmaster Sigma 170’s are capable of counting a cash register in less than one minute. This super-fast cash counting system is likely to save Panera Bread a substantial sum per year in hours wasted on manual cash counting and reduced cash leakage.

Panera Bread, tipped by retail magazine ‘Business Week’ as one of the “hot 100 growth companies”, has increased rapidly from a handful of stores on the East Coast to 1818 company owned and franchised stores in 45 states.

The Sigma 170 will allow Panera Bread to lower cash loss, count errors, and shrinkage, all whilst saving time. This time saving will also benefit customers as employees will spend significantly less time counting cash.

Gordon McKie, CEO at Cashmaster said

“Working closely with Trinity Resources, one of our USA based distributors, we used our proven expertise in cash management and cash counting solutions to recommend a suitable product that will save Panera Bread time and money. Paul Kelly at Trinity Resources was hugely influential in recommending the Cashmaster solution from an early stage in the bid process’’

Bill Hamilton, Technical Director at Cashmaster said

“The Cashmaster Sigma 170 with Zeta Zero printer will allow Panera Bread to count a till drawer in around 60 seconds saving employees across the business, thousands of hours per year that can be used to focus on their customers Return on investment statistics expect Panera Bread will save around 3500 hours per week by using Cashmaster ‘Count by Weight’ machines’’.

A Panera Bread Spokesperson said

“We look forward to working closely with Trinity Resources and Cashmaster and for our employees to spend more time with customer engagement”


For additional information please contact: Inger Davidson, Marketing Manager. or 01383 416 09.