USA Local Government legislation to protect cash payments

Local Councillors in Philadelphia celebrated a victory last week when their amendment to the "Fair Practices Ordinance" bill was signed.  Businesses in the State that sell, or offer for sale, consumer goods or services can no longer refuse cash as payment.  Although there are exceptions, the majority of retailers are covered.

Similar bills are being considered in the State of New Jersey and in New York, San Fransisco, Chicago, and Washington. So what is driving this change?

Recent studies by the Pew Research Center and by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation both highlighted how digital payments exclude certain sections of the population who may not have bank accounts.  They also exposed fears around privacy and security in the cashless economy. 

Poverty can manifest itself in so many ways and limit many choices for an individual, but when you have the cash to pay for something, adding a barrier to being able to enjoy it seems particularly harsh.

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