Cash Scales designed for speed & accuracy

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Cashmaster One Pro

Counts cash quickly and accurately – whether loose or bundled.  You can set one float, count up to 2 different currencies and 2 languages and integrate a printer.

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Cashmaster One Plus

Counts vouchers & coupons in addition to notes and coins, has customisable float settings & handles up to 4 currencies and languages.  Accepts integrated printer.

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Cashmaster One Max

Trusted by major supermarkets and household retail brands.  This device can store up to 500 counts, has an ethernet port for easy connectivity and automates complex cash processes.

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and how they benefit your business...

6 times faster than a cashier on average, our cash counting scales are fast, accurate and enable you to set bank floats, take till skims, perform till counts and push this data straight into your POS or back-end office system.  

Saving Time, Money and a Guaranteed ROI

On average, our customers save at least an hour a day per store using our count-by-weight machines. If your staff are counting a till manually it may take 7-10 minutes per till. Using a Cashmaster counting device could reduce this to 60 seconds.  

The Cashmaster One Printer fits into the base of all One Range counters to record the till count and QR Link software options enable you to transfer these count totals straight into your POS - no more double counting nor double entry!  Use our Return on Investment calculator to find out how quickly this business investment will take to pay for itself.

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The technology within our Cash Scales

Count by weight cash counters are very different from Friction Note counters, here is a comparative summary:

Count by weight

Mechanical/Friction Note

Counts notes and coins Counts notes only
Fast and accurate - even damaged notes Can miscount poor quality notes
Battery operated and portable Mains only - can have a large footprint
Silent operation - count at till Noisy operation - creates dust
No moving parts Moving parts subject to wear and tear
Little or no service issues Requires high maintenance
Integrated printer options Sensors require regular cleaning
Not designed to detect counterfeit notes May detect counterfeit notes



  • Simple and quick to learn
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Can be configured to match your business processes
  • Integrated help function
  • Smart-phone style  touch-screen and colour display
  • Easy to update (for currency changes and additional functionality)
  • Integrated printer available with all models
  • Optional software add ons
  • Serial and USB connectivity (Ethernet on One Max model) 

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