Introducing count by weight technology


cashier counting a till on cash scales


Weighing of items as a means of counting is widely used in many sectors, from components such as nuts and bolts in a warehouse, to jelly beans in a confectionery store.

Amazingly, with specialised equipment, this technology can also be applied to counting of cash, even banknotes which might weigh only a fraction of a gram.

How does counting by weight work?

Cashmaster products utilise a precision load cell which measures the force applied when banknotes, coins or other items are placed onto the weighing platform (hod).

The analog output of the loadcell is sampled by our advanced signal processing circuity and proprietary software algorithms.

Cashmaster develops currency profiles for notes, coins, and all of the associated packaging forms through working in conjunction with issuing banks.

Our proprietary software, hardware and intricate knowledge of the global cash management industry allows us to deliver fast and accurate counting which provides many benefits over rival technologies.

How accurate are count by weight scales?

Accurate and Fast

Cashmaster's advanced software algorithms are always working in the background to maximise the counting performance of your device.

The advanced software algorithms developed through our decades of experience are one of the differentiating factors between Cashmaster and our competitors - and are often the difference between an accurate count and errors that we see in our competitor benchmarking.

Cashmaster works closely with issuing banks to characterise each denomination and develop the most optimal counting strategy to achieve the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

To maintain a high level of accuracy, if there is an unacceptable level of uncertainty in the count, the on screen prompts will guide the user to temporarily remove a portion of the added items so that a reading can be taken.

Adaptive software algorithms adapt to minor changes in the banknote weights, compensating for tiny changes from humidity, wear and tear, and even regional variations in gravity field strength.

The advantages of a Cashmaster Count by Weight Device

Cashmaster cash counters are made in Scotland in our own factory, which gives us great control over the standards and quality adhered to.  Our devices are all factory calibrated, with stable measurements, so do not need regular recalibration of the weighing system like some of our competitors.

Cashmaster count by weight features include high quality load cells, high precision electronic reference signals and a low noise ADC circuit, plus purpose-built enclosures to ensure mechanical stability and protection for their sensitive measuring system.

Count by weight scales count all item types (notes, coins, rolls, bundles, coupons and vouchers).  They are also small, quiet and portable plus their lack of moving parts means they are very low maintenance and reliable. 


Points to note when comparing count by weight cash counters with Friction Note counters:

Count by weight

Mechanical/Friction Note

Counts notes and coins Counts notes only
Fast and accurate - even damaged notes Can miscount poor quality notes
Battery operated and portable Mains only - can have a large footprint
Silent operation - count at till Noisy operation - creates dust
No moving parts Moving parts subject to wear and tear
Little or no service issues Requires high maintenance
Integrated printer options Sensors require regular cleaning
*Not designed to detect counterfeit notes May detect counterfeit notes

*Counting of cash is typically completed at the beginning or end of a shift which is too late to to avoid incurring losses from counterfeits.  During our initial consultancy we can discuss how to integrate a dedicated counterfeit note detector, or possibly a smartsafe, into your cash management process.