Why buy a count by weight money counter?

They deliver real benefits and efficiencies to your business.

  • 6x faster than manual counting -   As well as freeing up staff time, using count-by-weight (CBW) technology provides an efficient and extremely accurate method for counting both notes and coins, typically counting a till in less than a minute.
  • Cost savings and greater efficiency -  A Cashmaster device drives staff adherence to your cash-handling processes, helping you to reduce cash loss and shrinkage
  • Rapid ROI -  Count-by-weight technology requires a much lower investment, when compared with friction counters and recyclers. The return on investment will typically be between  3 – 12 weeks. When you add it up, the amount of time you spend counting money,  for all cash drawers, across all shifts, plus bank deposits and safe counts – it will surprise you
  • Greater Accuracy – Cut cash counting discrepancies and detect problems before they impact your business
  • Be ploymer-note ready - The full range of Cashmaster products are enabled to handle the new £5 polymer note, which was launched by the Bank of England earlier this month, AND the new £1 coin due for launch in early 2017.

SPECIAL OFFER - As a special incentive, until 31 October 2016, we have a discount offer on one of our newest range machines, the Cashmaster One Pro.

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