£50 Polymer Update

The new £50 Scottish and English polymer banknotes are due to be issued later in 2021 and will eventually take the place of our current £50 paper notes.

The choice of design for the Bank of England £50 polymer note has been created in celebration of the field of science and features Alan Turing, famous for his pioneering work in science and theoretical underpinnings for the modern computer. He was among the 12 finalists selected by public voting from a list of 989 eligible characters, before being chosen, before being chosen as the winner by the Governor of the Bank of England.


£20 Polymer Update

The Bank of England's polymer £20 note has arrived, as have the equivalent notes from the Scottish and Northern Ireland banks, the Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

You can still use the old paper £20 notes - no date has been announced for its withdrawal - the respective banks will give 6-12 months’ notice prior to the old paper notes being withdrawn from circulation.