How our cash counters note learn

The note learning function, on every Cashmaster cash counter, operates automatically but is particularly useful when new or updated notes are being introduced into circulation. This is especially true when the weight of the new note varies only slightly from the original.  

No software change is required to your counter when new notes are introduced in this way.  When new notes differ in weight or change format, e.g. the new £1 coin, Cashmaster will have a software update ready to roll out pre-launch date.

Optimising note learning 

For counting new notes, we recommend gradually mixing the new notes with old during the counting process. An advantage of this is that there is no need for difficult and time-consuming segregation of old and ‘very similar’ new notes.

'Your Cashmaster counter learns from every count you do, constantly refining the learned weight of the notes from your actual counts. This keeps your Cashmaster counter extremely accurate and tuned to your specific counting environment.' 

For best results
When transitioning from one note variant to another it is necessary to reduce the quantity of notes placed onto the scale in one slice to prevent the scale miscounting. This is particularly important when the ratio of new and old notes reaches 50:50 and the weight difference between new and old notes is more significant. The note learning functionality of the scale will continuously adjust as the ratio of new and old notes in circulation changes, thereby maximising the counting performance of your Cashmaster device.

How do I upgrade my counter to count the latest notes

To help you upgrade your existing devices we have made available our Be Polymer Ready Upgrade pack.  It's been designed to allow you to upgrade your existing Cashmaster device in just a few minutes – and will give your Cashmaster cash counter the dual capability of counting paper and polymer well as the new 12-side £1 coin.

If you have any questions about the new notes or coin, upgrading your existing Cashmaster device or need more information about the Cashmaster One range, contact us here or just call our Sales Team at 01383 421313.

Minimum requirements for the Be Polymer Ready Upgrade Pack are:

  • All Sigma 105 (Machines manufactured after 2010)
  • All Sigma 170 or Omega 230 devices machines with removable batteries

How long will it take?

It will only take 5 minutes, following our easy-to-follow instructions you can download opposite.