New polymer £20 note

UK Bank of England and Scottish polymer £20 notes: information and updates

The Bank of England's polymer £20 note has arrived, as have the equivalent notes from the Scottish Banks, The Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

You can still use the old paper £20 notes - no date has been announced for its withdrawal - the respective Banks will give 6-12 months notice prior to the old paper notes being withdrawn from circulation. 

You can read more about the design and the security features of the Bank of Scotland's note in our news section: The Bank of Scotland's design for polymer £20 note close to hear of Cashmaster International's workforce.

The entire Cashmaster range has built-in functionality to deal with any permutation of polymer, paper and coins, and devices purchased in the last 12 months are already calibrated to the new £20 note.

Customers who have older models or a mix of older and new models should contact our Polymer Ready support team to be guided through the simple updating process. 

Polymer update: next steps

Design and security features
You can find out more about the new note in our news article: New £20 note looks beautiful, but can you count it?

Counting the new notes
Cashmaster devices are shipped with built-in capability to count the new notes.

What you should know about counting the new polymer £20 note
Martin Petersen, Group Technical Leader at Cashmaster International discusses some of the issues of counting the new note and explains that Cashmaster has the perfect solution.

Polymer update: next steps

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