Get set to count the Polymer £20 - what to do now

polymer £20 banknotesAll four polymer £20 notes are now in circulation - Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank. That means you need to be ready to accept them from customers and have the correct settings on your Cashmaster device to count it.

Let us guide you through the process

The good news is that Cashmaster cash counting devices purchased in the last 12 months are already set up to count the new note. However, we understand that many customers will be using models purchased more than 12 months ago or a combination of older and newer models. If you fall into that category, a simple software update of your devices may be required to enable you to handle the new banknote.

Polymer Update

The update process is simple:

  • For purchases made within the last 12 months, simply cycle through the note denomination options displayed on the screen and select £20 polymer and you’re all set – no Polymer Update required.
  • If your machine is more than 12 months old, you will need to request a Polymer Update from our Polymer Ready customer services team on (0)1383 416 098.

Not sure when your device was purchased?

Don’t worry, our customer services team will be able to tell you when you call, and they’ll be able to advise you whether a Polymer Update is required – it may not be, but it’s safer to check to ensure that you’re good to go!

  • Call our Polymer Ready customer advisors on: (0)1383 416 098 
  • Contact us using the form below
  • Request a call-back by providing your details below.

Don't have a Cashmaster device?

You are missing out! Contact us for your free no-obligation trial of a Cashmaster One polymer-ready device and you'll be on your way to fast, accurate counts, together with improved cash management and better loss prevention control. Call us now (0)1383 416 098  or get in touch using the form below.