Cashmaster and Subway are a perfect natural fit

Subway is the fastest growing franchise company in the world. It has been operating since 1965 and now has 25,000 restaurants in 83 countries across the world. The majority of their takings are in cash.

Cashmaster not only designs and produces high-precision machines that count cash by weight but we also distribute globally. We knew that we could assist this successful franchise to significantly increase profits and save time.

The benefits

A Cashmaster distributor approached Subway with an offer to demonstrate how to radically improve its cash handling methods.

From that point on, it became obvious that Cashmaster International equipment was perfect for this global company.


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We will allow our satisfied customer to outline the benefits of our equipment in their own words:

“Before Cashmaster contacted us we used to count all the cash from our daily takings by hand. This caused a number of problems. Not only was it very time-consuming but it also proved to be inaccurate on many occasions. When we got the call from Cashmaster they spent time with us to understand what our requirements were.

“We were offered a free trial with no obligation to buy, which we took full advantage of. The machine was extremely easy to use right from the start with very little instruction required. The different functions were extremely easy to select and it was simple to train our employees how to use it. When we decided to place an order for our cash counting machines, Cashmaster ensured that we got the best machine for our purposes, not just the most expensive machine that they had to offer.

“Now that we have the Cashmaster system in place we save a lot of time, allowing our staff to get on with more important tasks. Our accuracy at till point has improved as well and if I ever need to perform a spot check or count a till quickly due to discrepancy raised by a customer, it’s not a problem and takes less than one minute.”

The rewards

It’s important for Subway managers to be able to stay mobile and use the machine on the move, out of the back office.

“This is one of the great advantages of the Cashmaster machine. Before, I used to count all of the money in the back office, now I can move around keeping the till drawer in the till whilst I count, adding a greater level of freedom and control to my job. The increased level of portability has meant that we are not only a lot more efficient in the way we work but we also enjoy it a lot more.”

Cashmaster after-sales service ensures that all of our customers get the most out of their machines, which often exceed expectations on a daily basis.

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