Hong Kong 10s and 7s

It was great to see Taikoo Place Scottish Exiles win The Shield and to see our devices hard at work counting ticket and till sales by the HKRU, KFC and Holiday Inn. 

The number of cash transactions was high, as it is at many sporting events, and the pace of transaction fast and furious as people moved quickly into the stadium and through the food and drink areas within it. 

The general consensus was that it is worth thinking through how to speed up till counts, transfer data into POS systems and generally keep cash handling on track before, during and after any event.


If you’d like to speak with Charles Yeomans, our Commercial Director or Maggie Liu, our Business Operations Director about our cash management solutions and how they can help you at your next event, please contact us today.

Hong Kong Rugby Union quote:

"We are using Cashmaster devices to great effect. When compared to the time it would normally take to count thousands of tickets manually for the World 7s event here in Hong Kong, it has saved us a great deal of time, thus freeing up our staff to concentrate upon more productive tasks".

David Greaves, Hong Kong Rugby Union

A Total Solution

Cashmaster technology impacts many different areas of the cash management process.