Cashmaster and DTS Connex - Improving the Deposit Preparation Process

| Retail Technology, Software & Analytics

As part of a new series, our solutions partner DTS Connex has sought to highlight how we can together deliver closed-loop cash management for our customers by utilizing both our count-by-weight technology and their API-integrated solution!

In this video, we learn more about how your Cashmaster device can be integrated with DTS and how to streamline the deposit preparation process.

We also discover how our mutual customers use the DTS Connex Partner API to create a deposit and print a DTS deposit advice directly from their Cashmaster count-by-weight device. 

Our in-store count-by-weight devices allow customers to count their cash, balance their registers, view over/short trends, and store and view hundreds of records of count data, providing a detailed audit trail. By partnering with DTS Connex, Cashmaster can provide customers with the functionality to prepare, manage, and track their deposits from the same device. Customers now have one easy-to-use, portable solution for all their in-store cash management needs.

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