Cashmaster Dishing Up Savings for U.S. Fast Food Franchisees

Fast Food Franchisees


The Cashmaster USA inc team is delighted to gather with the Nation’s QSR Franchisees at an upcoming forum in Orlando, which seeks to celebrate hundreds of business owners from across the Country.


Money Counter For QSR


Showcasing Cashmaster’s industry-leading ‘One Range’ money counters, Gordon McKie – Chief Executive Officer – and Charmane Adams – Customer Support & Sales Executive – both look forward to demonstrating just how quickly, accurately and cost-effectively bills and coins can be counted in fast-paced restaurant environments by a Cashmaster One Plus.


With a growing list of challenges impacting the profit levels of U.S. businesses and fast-paced service environments, counting cash manually comes at a cost for many franchise owners. Indeed, manual cash handling wastes valuable time which could be better allocated elsewhere.


With manual counting errors leading to frustrating recounts, reporting errors that lead to impeded future decision-making, and drastically affected staff satisfaction amid a labor crisis, now is the time to consider how a Cashmaster device could streamline your cash-handling processes! You will be glad to hear, the vast majority of our retail partners generate an ROI in just a few weeks!


With Quick Service Restaurants seeing a 7-10 times improvement in the time taken to count cash registers, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a no-obligation free trial of a Cashmaster Device. Click here to find out more!