COVID-19 Important information for customers

We are delighted to advise that following receipt of new orders from ‘essential customers’ around the globe, our Dalgety Bay, UK factory will re-open on Monday 18 May 2020.

During the last two weeks, our Chief Operating Officer, Karen Naysmith, has been working with a small team to ensure that the factory is fully compliant with the new social distancing and H&S regulations. This has resulted in the creation of a revised set of risk assessments, and new working procedures and safety guidelines that explain how we will safely work as a team upon our return to work post the discovery of COVID-19.

In addition, several changes have been made to the factory and adjacent offices including extended production lines, increased, identifiable working space for all employees, improved signage, and a new procedural flow for the handling of components and finished products. Employees will also, be supplied with a choice of PPE options and staggered working times.

Please note that due to the quickly changing situation around COVID-19, we will continue to monitor demand from our customers alongside official government guidance and further update you as necessary.

If you have any questions about our factory re-opening or placing new orders, please get in touch with myself directly


Gordon McKie
Chief Executive
Cashmaster International