How Much Is A Money Counter?

When looking for a cash management solution, it’s understandable to ask “how much is a money counting machine?”, but like so much we buy today, low cost is normally indicative of one thing – low quality.


At Cashmaster, we pride ourselves on the quality of our devices. Offering the most advanced count-by-weight money counter on the market, Cashmaster products deliver results while protecting your ever-tightening margins. So, it's no surprise therefore that we encourage potential customers to consider other aspects asides from price. 


How Much Is A Money Counter?


Will A Cashmaster Money Counter Save Me Time and Money?

On average, our customers save at least one hour per day, per store, when using our Cashmaster count-by-weight products. If your staff are counting a register manually it may take 7-10 minutes to count it once. With our Cashmaster One range, your staff could be counting a register in under 60 seconds.

Those time savings can lead to incredible financial results – a case study with a global telecommunications business that highlights an incredible $3.9 million dollars of savings annually. Interested in finding out how a Cashmaster device could save you time and money? We've got you covered - use our return on investment calculator!

Cashmaster One is our leading money counter range and is highly customizable which makes it flexible enough to cope with demanding cash-handling processes and complex operational requirements.


Is it the Best Money Counter on the Market?

For example, the Cashmaster One Max - which we believe is the best money counter on the market - comes with advanced counting functions including the ability to store hundreds of register counts for retrieval and later download. It has multiple count modes (8), the ability to configure the device to perform an unlimited number of floats, and is programmable with up to 8 currencies and languages.

It has a 5.0" touchscreen color display, high-quality graphic icon menu, a robust anti-glare toughened glass screen, and ethernet connectivity which makes it networkable at ‘enterprise level’ enabling remote management.

It is fully compatible with the Cashmaster Printer One, which along with its 8-hour battery, enables staff to be mobile when using the device and print on the go.

It also has an integrated help function to help staff get the most out of your device.

So, yes - we believe that Cashmaster offers the best money counters on the market! 


Get Started With A Cashmaster Money Counter

Our devices are priced to allow you to make the most from implementing them into your loss prevention toolkit. We are available to discuss your business's unique needs, and advise on the perfect solution for you!

So when it comes to expanding your loss prevention functionality, don’t just ask "how much is a money counting machine?" Consider the savings, performance, and results you can expect with a Cashmaster One. Get in touch for a quote today.