Save Time Counting Change with Cashmaster’s Custom Till Cups!

In the latest feature highlights, we look at removable till cups for coins, and how they can further reduce time spent balancing cash drawers.

On average, the Cashmaster One range of money counters can reduce your count time for a cash register from an average of 8 minutes to under 60 seconds. By significantly reducing the time it takes to carry out a register count, and with potential time savings for a typical business in the range of 10 hours per location per week, staff can invest more time meeting the needs of c

Customers and the business, especially keeping lines down at the registers.

However, a step that can often be overlooked that will save you even more time when it comes to in-store cash handling – removable till cups for your change.

Every cash register has a similar layout — an area for bills and positions for each denomination of coin - but their size and shape can vary widely. When it comes to removing your takings for the day, picking out the loose change, counting them, and returning them back to the till can be tricky and error-prone.

It’s easier than you might think to drop loose change when working quickly and handling vast amounts of coins can leave marks on the counter’s hands– something we know would rather be avoided. Gathering all those loose coins out of the till can be tricky. Scrambling to pick coins up off the floor takes even more time, which can cause even further frustration to your employees.

 That’s where our range of removable coin cups for tills comes in. The team at Cashmaster can match up your cash register with the correctly sized till cup, meaning they’ll fit perfectly in the slots where loose change goes.

Then when it comes time for cashing up, you simply lift the removable till cup out of the register and place it directly on the money counter rather than putting all the loose coins into the general-purpose coin scoop. Your Cashmaster One device will only need to be calibrated once to account for the weight of the cup, and from there, it’s counted as usual – but even more efficiently than before.

The ultimate solution in time-saving, Cashmaster till cups will allow you to focus on other tasks – meaning you can ensure your business meets your customers' needs.


Check out our till cups in action below!



Thousands of customers rely on the Cashmaster One device to ensure their register counts are precise. Our industry-leading count-by-weight technology streamlines the process of cashing up and delivers accurate count data to your finance and operations teams.

We can cater to all popular models of cash register and have the perfect solution waiting for you. So, get in touch today to find out how Cashmaster can save you even more time – and money!

If you are interested in acquiring till cups to utilize with an existing Cashmaster device, visit our support hub to begin your ordering process.