NRF 2019 Retail's Big Show


Cashmaster QR-Link

This year, we are delighted to announce that Cashmaster will be showcasing our easy-to-implement software application which offers an innovative, simple solution to integrating with back office or POS systems  

We invite you to come and and visit us at Booth 1033, to see our QR-Link application in action. Using a simple bar-code scanner, cash count data from a Cashmaster One device is instantly transferred into a back office system. The QR code can be read by most retail POS scanners, and provides the foundation for wireless transfer of the cash count data, significantly reducing the time, cost, and burden of effort to integrate.

20% Off Your NRF Pass

If you want to find out more about the great results we have achieved with our clients, we'd be happy to schedule a no-obligation chat during the event.  Simply pick a time slot using our appointment form. We are also pleased to be able to offer you 20% off your Conference Pass to NRF 2019.  Book here and enter VIP code 2675.


Harness the power of technology

A recent McKinsey report states that “the best retailers are harnessing the power of technology to improve operations.” Our own experience of working with some of the world’s largest and most profitable retailers tells us that their willingness to adopt technology solutions across their organisation - including counting and managing cash - helps them to drive productivity and positively impacts their bottom line.

With more than 300,000 units installed across the globe, our experience and knowledge of cash management solutions are trusted by retailers everywhere. Our clients look to us to enhance their cash management processes and increase staff productivity. 

A Total Solution

Cashmaster technology impacts many different areas of the cash management process.

We do more than count a till in under 60 seconds ….

Counting and managing cash manually is a time consuming, labor intensive, costly, error-prone procedure. 

Optimizing daily procedures around cash handling can lead to incremental savings around labor cost and cash handling expense.  When implemented across the retail enterprise, these savings multiply and scale to improve the bottom line.

Key benefits of automating your cash processing

  • Count a till in under 60 seconds
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of all tasks associated with counting cash: building a drawer, reconciling a drawer, spot audits, preparing a bank deposit, counting funds in the safe, start of day and end of day shift preparation and reconciliation
  • Remove human error and manual activity whenever cash is being handled or counted
  • Improve the quality of information as well as reduce the cost of cash management