Cashmaster Accessories

Also available from Cashmaster to support our products are a selection of accessories and spare parts including power cables, hods, scoops, till cups, printer paper and batteries. If you need to order any spare parts or accessories, or if you have a problem with your Cashmaster device, please contact your Customer Support team and they will be happy to help.

Printer Rolls

Replacement paper rolls (pack of five) for your Cashmaster printer.

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Till Cups

Maximise the performance of your Cashmaster by using removable till cups. Till cups are inserts which are placed in the coin section of a standard cash register.

Cashmaster till cups enable quick and easy coin counting without the need to directly handle coins. Typically, a standard cash register with 800 coins in 4 denominations can be counted in approximately 8 seconds using a Cashmaster with removable till cups. Cashmaster offer till cups to fit all major till cash register models.

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