Cashmaster One Cash Counters

Our leading count-by-weight product range. The One Range comprises 3 new devices, the Pro, Plus and the Max.  

Each has been designed to meet the most demanding cash-handling requirements. They incorporate state of the art count-by-weight software technology, have the ability to print out till counts and can integrate with your POS or back-end system using our simple QR-Link application or via bespoke integration.

Using a Cashmaster One count-by weight cash-counting device is a fast, simple, highly accurate method of counting cash and comes with the added reassurance that every machine is built to the highest standard with the most advanced technology.

Pro - Pro.png

Cashmaster One Pro

Ideal for smaller businesses

The perfect device for simply
and accurately counting cash -
whether loose or bundled.

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Plus - Plus.png

Cashmaster One Plus

Ideal for franchises or medium sized businesses

Performs all cash counting
requirements with added
voucher and coupon modes.

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Max - Max.png

Cashmaster One Max

Ideal for large organizations

Advanced counting functions
allowing for complex cash
reconciliation processes.

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  • Easy to update for currency changes and additional functionality
  • New – smart-phone style  touch-screen and color display
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Integrated help function
  • Integrated printer available with all models
  • Serial and USB connectivity, plus Ethernet on
    Cashmaster One Max