Transfer your data wirelessly

Introducing Cashmaster QR-Link - our easy-to-integrate software application that offers an innovative, simple solution to integrating with back office or POS systems.

A deeper level of integration and seamless transfer of data to the POS is a growing requirement for Cashmaster’s clients. Our customers are looking to remove manual processing of data across their businesses in order to: reduce opportunities for errors; speed up the processing of data; give more real-time information that businesses can use to make better, faster decisions; and provide greater accuracy and accountability to their enterprises. Integration of money counting equipment with business systems can be seen also as a key component in a loss prevention strategy, but often these projects consume a huge amount of resource - which means they get relegated to the 'to do' pile. 

With QR-Link, you can:

  • Simply scan the QR Code on the Cashmaster One display with a standard POS scanner or a camera on a mobile or tablet device
  • Wirelessly transfer your cash count data to your POS or a Windows PC, laptop or tablet - without worrying about the security or reliability of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks 
  • Minimize reliance on POS vendors or in-house IT teams to deliver an effective POS integration
  • Transfer all cash-count details including count ID's and individual denominations of multiple currencies
  • Benefit from the automation of data entry and eliminate errors associated with manual entry of data into other systems

How does it work?

When Cashmaster QR-Link is installed on the device, count data is presented as a QR code on the display of the Cashmaster One scale, that can be scanned by a standard POS scanner, or a mobile device camera. The count data can be created in a format that is right for your organisation POS.  The data is provided in a format that can be easily understood by cash management and analytics programs and the simplicity of the solution significantly reduces the burden (and cost) of 'integration' that traditionally falls on the in-house IT team, or the POS vendor. 



Cashmaster Product Compatibility

  • Cashmaster One Max models only
  • Cashmaster Standard QR Code format is available in all Max models
  • Customized QR code formats can be created

System Requirements

Cashmaster QR-Link is compatible with most modern scanning devices complying with the below criteria. Please contact us for more information.

  • Interface type - HID / Keyboard wedge interface
  • Compatible with Byte mode encoded data format
  • Compatible with QR code versions 5 through 17