NEW Cashmaster One Plus

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, the new Cashmaster One Plus performs all cash-counting requirements including vouchers and coupons. With customizable count modes, float settings and the option to use till IDs, the Cashmaster One Plus can also count in up to 4 currencies and display in up to 4 languages.

The new Cashmaster One Plus has a 5.0" touch screen color display, high quality graphic icon menu, and robust anti-glare, toughened glass screen. 

The responsive touch screen and menu make it even easier to count cash and prepare floats. 

The new, optional, Cashmaster Printer One fits neatly into the base of the product giving you the ability to print anywhere. 

It also has an integrated help function which means you and your staff will always know how to get the most out of your device. 



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  • 5.0" touch screen made from toughened glass with anti-glare finish & color display
  • Icon-driven menu
  • Integrated help
  • Count up to 4 currencies/languages
  • Up to 4 count modes
  • Set up to 3 floats
  • With till ID, identify multiple tills within an organisation for auditable cash reconciliation
  • Serial and USB connectivity
  • Space saving integrated Cashmaster Printer One as an optional extra