Count-by-weight, efficiency in cash management

We are constantly hearing that we are becoming a cashless society but the reality is very different. Today, there is more money in circulation than ever before, none more so than in the
C-Store sector.  

Even if cash is just a small portion of your takings, you still need to set-up cash drawers for your cashiers.  Using count-by-weight (CBW) technology provides an efficient and extremely accurate method for counting both bills and coins very quickly, typically in less than a minute. 

Count the number of times you count money for all cash drawers across all shifts plus your bank deposits and safe counts.  It will surprise you.

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Four ways to enhance your bottom line with count-by-weight...

    1. Time and Staff Efficiencies
      Count cash 6x faster for more time with customers...If you could accurately count cash six times faster than by hand, what would you do with the time you saved?  Sure, you will be able to get some employees “off the clock” sooner, but what about salaried employees like supervisors and managers?  Now you will be able to deploy those people to other mission critical and profit producing tasks like helping customers.

    2. Cost Saving
      Real labor savings and fast ROI
      ...Count by weight technology is relatively inexpensive compared with friction counters and recyclers...and as well as providing real labor savings, your ROI will typically be between a few weeks and six months.


3. Greater Accuracy
Cut discrepancies and detect problems before they impact your business
... Count-by-weight is a highly-accurate method of counting cash and allows you to spot problems easily and quickly before they start to cost your business money. 

4. Loss Prevention
Visible, auditable controls drive adherence to process and reduce cash shrink
...Most businesses have cash handling procedures but not everybody follows them because it just takes too long.  When you start cutting corners you expose your business to cash leakage through honest mistakes and dishonest employees.  Using count by weight you can count cash faster and more accurately than before and have printouts of your counts for employee’s signature, thereby requiring absolute accountability from everyone that handles cash.

A Cashmaster Count is 6 x Faster