Schools save time and resource in cash counting

We have over 30-years of experience working with businesses and organizations across the world, helping them streamline their cash-processing procedures, saving time, money and improving efficiency.

Whether its cash being taken in your cafeteria, book store, on-site sports or fundraising events, if your staff are still counting cash by hand, you should take a look at the real improvements and benefits a count-by-weight (CBW) cash-counting device can bring to your school.

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Four ways your school can benefit from counting cash with Cashmaster

1. Greater accuracy and less errors – As well as being quick, a CBW device is highly-accurate, reduces errors and gives you and your staff confidence in counts and controls. Its use reduces cash exposure to theft before it’s counted and the optional integrated printer function lets staff capture count information easily and quickly, giving greater accountability to those involved in handling cash.

2. Free up staff time for more critical school work – A Cashmaster CBW device counts cash 6x faster than manual counting, freeing up significant staff time on every count.



 3. Happier staff – A Cashmaster CBW device is so easy to learn how to use and staff quickly welcome the extra time it gives them and reduces stress around cash counting.

 4. Small footprint– A Cashmaster CBW device is very small, portable and easy to use where space is at a premium and operates with both AC power and 8-hour rechargeable battery.

The Cashmaster One range is the latest edition in our leading count-by-weight product range. The three new devices, the Pro, Plus and Max, offer schools of all sizes some great new features with tailored functionality to suit your organization’s needs.

A Cashmaster Count is 6 x Faster