Cashmaster Printer Zero*

The Cashmaster Printer Zero is the perfect addition to your cash counting solutions. The Zeta Zero will allow you to print instant till count results from the Sigma 170 and Omega 230. The Omega 230 allows a reconciliation between the cashier and an allocated till. This is proven to reduce cash loss and vastly improves count traceability.

The Cashmaster Printer Zero attaches to the base of our Sigma 170 and Omega 230. No cables or additional worktop space is required, which means our Cashmaster products remain fully portable even when printing.

* Formerly Zeta Zero

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Zeta Zero Printer


  • Designed for use with Cashmaster Sigma 170 and the Cashmaster Omega 230
  • Saves space by integrating directly under the count by weight device 
  • Easy fit
  • Create auditable printed records