NEW Cashmaster Secure S1

Designed for easy deployment at the point-of-sale, the Cashmaster Secure S1 offers retailers front line cash security, improved cash-handling processes and employee peace of mind.

Utilizing industry-leading bill acceptor technology, the Cashmaster Secure S1 immediately validates and secures deposited bills, thereby reducing your business’ exposure to theft and cash shrink at the front line.

Physical cash movement within the business is made safer as bills are secured within the lockable cash box for safe transportation.

When combined with recommended cloud-based monitoring software CashControl, retailers benefit from the power of centralized access to real-time cash-level visibility across their locations.

The Cashmaster Secure S1 is a cost-effective, simple and convenient solution, ideal for convenience stores, quick-serve restaurants, gas stations, and specialty retail outlets seeking safe, profitable cash operations.

Secure S1 dw edit


  • Enhanced security and peace of mind
  • Time and cost savings achieved through
    simplified cash-handling process and reduced
    cash shrink
  • Complete auditability for all deposited cash
  • Central view for on-site cash across your estate
  • Unrivalled protection against fraudulent notes
  • Simple, safe and efficient operation
  • Reduced maintenance and down time
  • Easy installation
  • Combine use with Cashmaster count-by-weight
    products for complete visibility of your cash and faster cash counts
    (see our White Paper download)