NEW Cashmaster Secure S5

Designed for easy in-store deployment, the Cashmaster Secure S5 offers retail businesses a B-rated smart safe with intelligent cash validation, immediate cash security, improved cash-handling processes and employee peace of mind.

Utilizing industry-leading bill acceptor technology, the Cashmaster Secure S5 immediately validates and secures bills thereby reducing your business’ exposure to theft and cash shrink at the front line.

As a B-rated safe, the Cashmaster Secure S5 is suitable for overnight closure, thereby offering a reduction in the number of armored car collections required at each business location, and providing significant cost reductions for cash-management.

When combined with recommended cloud-based monitoring software CashControl, retailers benefit from the power of centralized access to real-time cash-level visibility across their locations.

The Cashmaster Secure S5 is perfect for small retail businesses needing a safe, reliable and auditable cash-management solution.

Secure S5 dw edit


  • Enhanced security and peace of mind
    provided by efficient cash management
  • Complete transaction transparency for
    zero cash discrepancies
  • Suitable for overnight closure
  • Unrivalled protection against
    fraudulent notes
  • Simple,safe and efficient
  • Time and cost savings achieved through
    simplified cash-handling process
  • Reduced maintenance and down time
  • Combine use with Cashmaster count-by-weight 
    products for complete visibility of your cash and faster cash counts
    (see our White Paper download)