Cashmaster One Range - Highest Quality

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Cashmaster One Pro

A simple and reliable cash handling solution for any business.

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Cashmaster One Plus

Great for organizations needing manual entry and increased functionality.

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Cashmaster One Max

Great for organizations seeking further integration and storage.

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and what they can do for your business...

The Cashmaster One range is the leading device on the market. The device comes pre-calibrated and ready out-of-the-box. No programming is required, and each configuration is tailored for the business it's enhancing. The Cashmaster One range is the most durable, robust, and technologically advanced device on the market. 

Saving Time, Money and Guarantee ROI

Our customers boast an ROI of 8-10 weeks after investing in a Cashmaster One device. Beyond time savings, implementing our solutions guarantees you continuous customer support; a standard three-year warranty; and, software upgrades that continuously improve the machine.  

The Cashmaster One range is the fastest and most accurate device of its kind in the market. No moving parts. No tolerance for error. Portability and a small footprint. 

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  • Simple and quick to learn. Savings from day one.
  • Unique, proprietary software.
  • Configured to match your business process.
  • Sensitive touch-screen and vivid color display.
  • Easy to update for additional functionality.
  • Integrated printer available.
  • Space-saving footprint measures 6" x 8.5". 

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