Cashmaster One Max - Leading Technology

The Cashmaster One Max is our premium cash handling solution. This machine can have 8 count modes; can count 8 languages and currencies; and, can store up to 500 counts for data management. The Cashmaster One Max can also integrate seamlessly into existing software and transfer data directly to your POS. Its highly customizable features make it our most flexible machine for all businesses.

The Cashmaster One Max has a 5.0" touch screen color display, high-quality graphics icon menu, and robust anti-glare, toughened glass screen. The responsive touch screen and menu make it even easier to count cash and prepare floats. 

Ethernet connectivity makes the Cashmaster One Max networkable at ‘enterprise-level’ enabling remote management, from a central location.

Sleek hardware makes it inconspicuous. Count cash quickly without disrupting store operations.

Completely tailored to your business, it acts as a perfectly automated part of your operation.

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  • 5.0" touch-screen vivid color display.
  • Programmable with up to 8 currencies/languages.
  • Over 10 count modes and/or floats.
  • Ethernet connectivity enables remote management.
  • Identify and store till data with till ID and memory function.
  • Serial and USB connectivity.
  • Space-saving integrated Cashmaster Printer One optional.