Sigma and Omega Series

Please note: the Sigma and Omega series will be going end-of-life. Check here for updates.

Money counting by hand can be a time consuming and labor intensive task where mistakes can be common.

Using a Cashmaster Omega or Sigma count-by weight ‘cash counting’ machine is a fast, simple, highly accurate method of counting cash. Every Cashmaster count-by-weight machine is built to the highest standard with the most advanced technology. They are lightweight, durable and portable with silent operation and a small footprint, making them ideal for various sectors such as retail, convenience stores, restaurant and hospitality and banking, in an office or even a front-of-house environment.

Sigma 105 - Dollars in squircle

Sigma 105

Designed for single till use

The Cashmaster Sigma 105 assists with cashing up, float preparation, instant checks and banking.

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Sigma170 - Coins in squircle

Sigma 170

For single till use with an optional integrated printer

Count cash quickly, prepare floats, prepare banking and conduct instant checks and audits.

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Omega Dollars in squircle

Omega 230

For businesses that demand higher levels of flexibility

Ideal for processing non-cash items and proactive management of cash on the shop floor.

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Features included in the Sigma range include:

  • Single till count
  • 8 hour battery life and AC power
  • Multi-currency, multi-language
  • Printer port

Additional features included in the Omega range include:

  • 50+ till counts
  • Coupons, voucher and token options
  • Numeric keypad
  • Data storage capability