Product Documentation & Troubleshooting

To help you access information quickly and easily, here is a list of all Cashmaster One, Omega & Sigma brochures, manuals, and guides.

There is also a list of troubleshooting guides for the Sigma and Omega cash scales lower down the page.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for...Please do not hesitate to contact us.

One Range Documentation

Cashmaster One Range Brochure - 20505k


Cashmaster One Benefits Table - 20527d


Cashmaster One User Guide - 10503c


Cashmaster One Quick Set Up Guide (QSG) - 10478e


Cashmaster One Product Comparison Table - 20526h


Printer and Connect Downloads

Printer One Brochure - 20506c


Connect Quick Start Guide - 10584a


Connect Installation Guide - 10585a




Omega & Sigma Documentation

Omega 230 User Guide 10238i


Omega 230 Product Flyer 20172j


Sigma 170 User Guide 10244


Sigma 170 Product Flyer 20171m


Sigma 105 User Guide 10228g


Sigma 105 Product Flyer 20170k


Omega & Sigma Comparison Guide 20530f



Omega & Sigma Troubleshooting

  • My device is miscounting coins


  • How do I activate and use bank/float settings?


  • My scale is showing 'Below minimum weight'


  • How do I use the auto-add and auto-scroll functions?


  • How do I switch currencies on/off and check currency weights


  • What should I do if my scale isn't charging or won't turn on?