If the following apply, talk to us today:

  • Are staff counting cash by hand?
  • Are you counting cash more than once a day?
  • Are staff maintaining multiple paper and/or electronic systems to track cash movement?
  • Do you ever have to re-count till totals because of errors or cash shrink?
  • Are clearly defined processes seen as a benefit to your business?


Automating your cash handling and management processes can be a quick and easy way to make efficiency savings in your business.  The size of the opportunity presented by improving cash handling and management processes surprises many retailers.

We work with retailers, quick service restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and a variety of global businesses which accept cash transactions, delivering multi-million-pound savings and benefits which improve trading margins.

A trial compares manual counts to an automated cash counter

Our customers report time savings of 1–3 hours per store per day replacing manual counts with an electronic cash counter. Even at this simple level, there is a rapid, measurable return on investment of between 8 and 12 weeks. 

The typical investment in our cash counting technology is much lower than other cash-management hardware or software solutions and infinitely easier to implement and integrate with existing systems. 

We encourage customers to book a free trial of our devices in-store, ahead of any commitment.  This gives you a sense of how well the solution will work for you, in your business, and allows us to carry out real-time audits, to collect the data we need to demonstrate savings and project your ROI.

There are other benefits too, including more productive use of employees’ time, improved loss prevention, reduced queuing times at shift changeovers and a much happier working environment for staff and customers alike.

PNS Manual.jpg

Process improvement | Error reduction | Increased accountability

Cashmaster cash counting machines create the opportunity to have greater controls and checks in your cash management processes, significantly enhancing security around your cash handling.

Greater control not only makes staff more accountable, but it also encourages them to have stronger adherence to your cash-handling procedure.

With reduced errors and less opportunity for staff theft, our customers report a huge reduction in cash shrinkage.


Happier customers | Productive staff

Building strong customer loyalty in a fiercely competitive marketplace has never been more important. This is particularly true of ‘bricks-and-mortar' stores where the cost of having a physical presence in the high street grows year-on-year.

Using our cash counting scales significantly impacts on positive customer service. With potential time savings in the range of 10 hours per location per week, staff can invest more time meeting the needs of customers and the business, especially keeping queues down at the tills.