Counting their success to Macao

Macao has a strong economy with significant emerging opportunities for UK exports in retail, creative industries and food and drink. These opportunities relate to the leisure resorts and their 30 million visitors per year.

Taking advantage of the Macao opportunities is Cashmaster, a global provider of cash management solutions that has transformed the retail world with leading technology and industry expertise to deliver fast, highly-accurate cash counting, reduce shrinkage, improve cash visibility and strengthen process efficiency.

“The support and advice we have received from DIT has been invaluable in helping our business establish itself in the region,” says Gordon McKie, Group CEO at Cashmaster.

With help from the Department for International Trade (DIT), Cashmaster has been successful in securing a number of high-profile customers in Hong Kong and Macau, including a leading supermarket chain, a globally recognised fast food chain, and other prominent retailers.

During an initial meeting with Malcolm Offord, Chairman of Cashmaster and Gordon McKie, Hong Kong-based Group CEO, DIT quickly grasped the potential fit in the region which aligned with the company’s vision for growth and its expertise in helping global customers deliver operational benefits that improve trading performance, customer experience and staff productivity.

An introduction to Lord Stow's Bakery

DIT moved quickly to support Cashmaster by introducing a major employer in Macau, Lord Stow’s Bakery. Famous across Asia for their Portuguese-inspired egg tarts, the bakery is a tourist attraction in its own right.

From that original introduction made by DIT, Lord Stow’s Bakery went on to become Cashmaster’s first customer in Macau, which was fully supported by a tailored in-store training programme to ensure the staff were able to confidently use the cash counters immediately.

Lord Stow logo

Further success in Macau

Having established this important foothold in the market, the business then went on to secure other customers including a local supermarket chain, which has recently taken delivery of their first Cashmaster count-by-weight scales for their stores in Macau.

Lord Stow egg tarts