A Cashmaster Count is 6 x Faster

The benefits of a Cashmaster Count-By-Weight Device

From the moment cash is handled there is opportunity for error and shrinkage.  A Cashmaster count eliminates the risk of manual counting and is more reliable than friction counting.  Streamlining your cash management processes with Cashmaster saves time, protects against loss and ensures more accurate cash reconciliation. Use our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator  to find out how quickly your business could see the benefits of choosing a Cashmaster device.

Highly accurate

Cashmaster equipment will standardize your money counting procedures and will eliminate human error. Our products count notes, coins, vouchers and can instantly reconcile takings, allowing you to conduct on-the-spot audit checks.

Low maintenance

Our count-by-weight devices are lightweight, durable and portable with silent operation a small footprint, making them ideal for the retail, office or even a front-of-house environment.

Protect against loss

Our low maintenance count-by-weight machines save time, reduce loss, increase efficiency and improve reconciliation practices: no wonder 90% of our customers benefit from a return on investment within just three months!