Cashmaster One Card Sure™ Card Counter

For the last 40 years, Cashmaster has been leading the way in the development and creation of the most advanced and innovative count-by-weight technology for the cash management industry.

That very technology, which has made us the leading global player in our sector, has now been used in the development of the next generation of devices which are specifically designed for the gaming industry. The Cashmaster One™ Card Counter has arrived!

The new technology is lightweight and portable, meaning not only does it reduce the number of opportunities for players to cheat, it also gives your croupiers the ability to count their decks at the table, reducing the number of floor walks as well as the time it takes to rectify discrepancies.

The Cashmaster One Card Sure counts up to 8 decks of cards in less than 60 seconds. Further benefits include:

  • Ability to count bent or torn cards
  • CCTV readable total display with touch screen operation
  • Silent operation together with compact, wire-free design means its perfect for use at the tables or in the back office.
  • Maintenance free as there are no moving parts
  • For control and audit-ability, the Casino ID, and the Shoe ID is stored with every count
  • Integrated report printer that snaps snugly into the base of device
  • Capacity to store over 500 counts on each device

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