Advanced Software

Our proprietary software platform offers unrivaled functionality and is not susceptible to common ‘security’ attacks.

The user interface is intuitive, having been developed from the ground up to maximise the speed of adoption and speed of use. It is easy to bring into the business and simple to use once in place.

The efficiency of the UI results in the fastest operation on the market, resulting in higher cost savings and a faster payback for customers.


Superior Hardware

Made in the UK, our hardware is built to meet the highest industrial specifications and to withstand intensive use in challenging environments, i.e., Retail and QSR.

Unlike some competitors, our products are never adapted from consumer technology.  Our displays are bright and clear with a smart-phone style capacitive touchscreen using components originally developed for the automotive industry as these pass the highest quality and reliability checks on the market.

Cashmaster Approach

Our approach is highly bespoke. From the pilot through to the final software configuration, we work with you to create the exact solution you need for your business.

For example, if you use different till drawers in different parts of one location but need to share a Cashmaster device, we will customise the machine to match the areas and containers to be used when performing counts.  Small, technological configuration changes like this make a world of difference to staff using the device.  

How to count a till drawer in one minute!

The benefits of a Cashmaster Cash Counter

From the moment cash is handled there is the opportunity for error and shrinkage.  A Cashmaster count eliminates the risk of manual counting and is more reliable than friction counting.  Streamlining your cash management processes with Cashmaster saves time, protects against loss and ensures more accurate cash reconciliation. Use our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to find out how quickly your business could see the benefits of choosing a Cashmaster device.