How does your cash management solution weigh up against the Cashmaster One?

If your current count process takes more than 60 seconds, it doesn’t.

Cashiers using our Cashmaster cash management solution unanimously agree that their use improves job satisfaction and frees up their valuable time to focus on your customers. Management benefit from greater accuracy and significant time savings, together with real-time data and full visibility on which to make key business decisions and drive loss prevention.

But, counting a register is only step one. Printing the data, transferring it straight into your POS system and automating your cash handling is where you will experience the true value of Cashmaster cash management solutions.

Want to find out for yourself? We have a 30-day money-back guarantee and will give you the device to test in your store for 4 weeks. If you don't see the savings you want, you get every penny back. Cashmaster - the ultimate cash management solution.

Trust in Cashmaster

We have confidence in our products, which is why we offer you various trial options. Complete our form and, following your enquiry, we will call you to advise you on which trial option is suitable for your business and you will learn more about our cash management consultancy service.


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