DTS Connex® - Deposit Tracking

Cashmaster combined with the DTS Connex platform creates a new solution that will show the cash position from POS to the back office, in transit to the bank, and when the cash is credited to your account.

The full cycle solution provides:

  • DTS Connex is an end-to-end solution that provides full visibility of your cash across all locations
  • A more efficient and accurate cash handling process for your employees, giving them the freedom to focus on different activities
  • Greater management control during the cash handling process with DTS Connex
  • Provisional credit (available with certain banking partners)


The Cashmaster/DTS Connex® Solution in Detail

Our intuitive count-by-weight Cashmaster One Max device connects seamlessly with DTS Connex® software to provide a full cycle cash management solution. This is how it works..

  1. Quickly and accurately count your stores’ cash drawers with our Cashmaster One count-by-weight devices.
  2. Automate input count data into your POS using Cashmaster QR Link.
  3. Count and prepare your cash deposit on Cashmaster One. Transfer the data automatically to the DTS Connex® systems.
  4. Your cash deposit is transferred by CIT.
  5. Your deposit is received and validated by the bank. Transaction detail, including the most recent status updates, are available through the DTS Connex® system in real-time.
  6. Change orders, scheduled through the DTS Connex® system and delivered back to your store.

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Solution Details


  • Cashmaster One Plus Device
  • Cashmaster One™ Max Device