Cashmaster Printer One

The Cashmaster One integrated printer is compatible with all models in the Cashmaster One range and adds powerful record-keeping and loss prevention capability to our class-leading cash management devices.

It fits neatly into the base of the counter and so does not take up any additional space or need any cables, so you can count and print reports anywhere you need.  

When combined with some of the advanced counting features of the Cashmaster One dollar counters, the printed records enhance staff accountability, reduce manual recording errors and provide an auditable record of each count by recording details such as the register or cashier IDs. The inclusion of the signature strips can promote even stronger accountability in cash handling processes, and a having a physical, hard copy-based audit trail of who performed and checked each count, and when, significantly simplifies the process of investigating any cash discrepancies.








Cashmaster One with Printer One can provide a completely automated cash handling process. Combined with one of our simple data integration products such as; QR Link, you can streamline the full cash handling process; from cash count to automatic data transfer to the POS, and record-keeping – removing any room for manual error and discrepancies.

Cashmaster Printer One Reporting

  • The Cashmaster Printer One report formats are fully customizable, including your company name on the header of each report.
  • It will include the date and time of each count, and other parameters such as, store numbers, register numbers, cashier IDs or other parameters that have been entered on the touch screen interface of compatible devices to provide improved traceability and accountability within your cash handling process.
  • Printed dollar counter reports eliminate manual recording errors and improve the accuracy of company records.
  • Coupons and vouchers can be included within your cash count records on compatible devices to provide a full reconciliation of your till.
  • A wide range of report formats are available, providing full denomination breakdowns, including:
    • Detailed Count Report
    • Register Start Bank Report
    • Cash Drawer Deposit Report
    • register Totals Report *
    • Grand Totals Report *
    • Grand Totals of Start Bank Report *

* Requires Stored counts, available on Cashmaster One Max.

  • Account for till starting float amounts and includes advanced functionality to guide the cashier on rebuilding the drawer for the next shift.
  • Signature strips promote best practice in checking and approving counts and strengthens store staff accountability for the cash handling process.

Cashmaster Printer One Report Features