Tracks your cash count quickly & easily:

Tracks your cash count quickly & easily with Connect Software:

  • Transfers your cash-count data to a Windows PC, laptop or tablet.
  • Stores and recalls count data within the Connect Software's intuitive calendar view.
  • Details the count types, individual denominations, and currencies.
  • Exports cash-count information to Excel.
  • Prints cash-count information direct to your printer.


Our subscription model updates your Connect software to the latest version automatically

A Cashmaster Connect subscription costs $49 per year (inc. VAT)


How to download Connect

Download a Free Trial of the software for 30 days.  Or if ready to buy, hit the Subscribe Now button below. 

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What will I need to run Connect?

Cashmaster Connect Product Compatibility

  • All Cashmaster One models
  • Cashmaster Sigma 105 with USB and 7000-series* firmware
  • Cashmaster Sigma 170 with 7000-series* firmware
  • Cashmaster Omega 230 with 7000-series* firmware
    * If you are unsure which series of software your device is running, please contact our support team.

System Requirements

• USB ‘A’ to USB ‘B’ cable (not supplied)
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
• Microsoft DotNet Framework V4.0 or above

Recommended: Internet connection for product activation & software updates (manual activation also available)