Does your business count till drawers every day?

If your cashiers do this manually, a cash counter could automate the task and  free staff to focus on your customers: at the start, middle and end of every day.

Cashiers using Cashmaster cash counting devices unanimously agree that their use improves job satisfaction. Management benefit from greater accuracy and significant time savings, together with real-time data on which to makekey business decisions and improve loss prevention.

But, counting a till is only step one. Printing the data, transferring it straight into your POS system and automating your cash processing system is where you will experience the true value of Cashmaster cash management technology.

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The best way to determine whether our cash counters will increase the efficiency of your cash handling process.  Let us undertake a full analysis of your cash management process before committing to this investment in your business.  We observe the existing cash-handling process, the impact on labour resources and customer service, how cash is audited, and how till count data is managed, and the cost to the business of external services such as cash in transit collections and deliveries. We provide our clients with a report outlining areas where efficiencies can be made and our recommended solution.