Cashmaster One Max - Complete integration & data storage



This is our most advanced cash counter.  It is highly customisable which makes it flexible enough to cope with demanding cash handling processes and complex operational requirements.

It allows advanced counting functions including the ability to store hundreds of till counts for retrieval and later download.  It has multiple count modes (10+), the ability to set up 10 floats and is programmable with up to 8 currencies/languages. 

It has a 5.0" touch screen colour display, high quality graphic icon menu, and robust anti-glare, toughened glass screen and  Ethernet connectivity which makes it networkable at ‘enterprise level’ enabling remote management.

It is fully compatible with the Cashmaster Printer One, which along with its 6-hour battery, enable staff to be mobile when using the device and print on the go. 

It also has an integrated help function to help staff get the most out of your device. 

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  • Polymer ready
  • 5.0" toughened glass touch screen 
  • Programmable up to 8 currencies/languages
  • Over 10 count modes
  • Sets up 10 till floats at a time
  • Integrated help function
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote management 
  • Till ID and memory function to identify and store multiple till data
  • Serial and USB connectivity
  • Integrated battery
  • Optional integrated Cashmaster Printer One