Money Counting Machines Designed for Speed & Accuracy

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Cashmaster One Pro

Our Cashmaster One Pro money counting machine counts cash (notes and coins) quickly and accurately – whether loose, bagged or bundled, perfect for business with high cash volumes. You can set one float, count up to 2 different currencies and 2 languages.

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Cashmaster One Plus

Our Cashmaster One Plus has the capability to count money and also vouchers and coupons. It's customisable functionality, such as; bespoke float preparation and language settings make it the perfect money counting machine for businesses with a range of counting needs.

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Cashmaster One Max

Trusted by global retail and supermarket brands. This device has all the functionality of a Cashmaster money counting machine but with added storage and data for enterprise-wide visibility.

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and how they benefit your business...

On average, our customers save at least an hour a day per store using our count-by-weight machines. If your staff are counting a till manually it may take 7-10 minutes per till. Using a Cashmaster counting device could reduce this to 60 seconds.  


Saving Time, Money and a Guaranteed ROI

  • Simple and quick to learn
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Drives loss prevention
  • Can be configured to match your business processes
  • Integrated help function
  • Smart-phone style touch-screen and colour display
  • Easy to update (for currency changes and additional functionality)
  • Integrated printer available with all models
  • Optional software add ons
  • Serial and USB connectivity (Ethernet on One Max model) 

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