Cash counting solutions designed for speed & accuracy


Cashmaster One Pro

Counts cash (bills and coins) quickly and accurately – whether loose, bagged or bundled, perfect for business with high cash volumes. You can set one float, count up to 2 different currencies and 2 languages.

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Cashmaster One Plus

Our Cashmaster Plus has the capability to count money and also vouchers and coupons. Its customizable functionality, such as bespoke float preparation and language settings, makes it the perfect solution for businesses with a range of counting needs.

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Cashmaster One Max

Trusted by global retail and supermarket brands. This device has all the functionality of a cash counter but with added storage and data for enterprise-wide visibility.

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and how they benefit your business...


On average, our customers save at least an hour a day per store using our count-by-weight bill counter machines. If your staff are balancing their drawers manually it may take 7-10 minutes per till. Using a Cashmaster counting device could reduce this to 60 seconds.  


Saving Time, Money and a Guaranteed ROI

  • Bill counter is simple and quick to learn 
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Drives loss prevention
  • Can be configured to match your business processes
  • Integrated help function
  • Smartphone style touch-screen and color display
  • Easy to update (for currency changes and additional functionality)
  • Integrated printer available with all models
  • Optional software add ons
  • Serial and USB connectivity (Ethernet on One Max model) 

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